Masterbuilt Gen II Electric Digital Smokehouse Review


There are lots of ways to cook meat and one of the most flavorful ways is to smoke it. If you are looking for a smoker that will slow-cook your food and give you the smokehouse flavor that everyone loves then you should consider getting the Masterbuilt 30 inch electric-digital smokehouse smoker. 

Measuring about 20 X 17 X 33.5 inches in size, this Masterbuilt GEN II smokehouse is large enough for all your needs. This smokehouse has a unique design and all its features are clearly built with the main aim of making it easy to use, in fact this unit is capable of easily handling all their needs of an experienced smoker. Compared to the other heavy smokers in the market, this unit is fairly light (weighing about 59.3pounds) and easy to transport from your home to the camping site.

This smoker comes with a unique digital control system that helps make sure that your meat is perfectly cooked. These digital controls can accurately calculate various different variables which help the smoker produce perfectly smoked-meat with minimum to no human intervention.

Its unique digital front-panel controls most of this smoker’s internal functions including cooking temperature, the humidity of the cooking chamber, cooking time and even temperature of the meat being cooked. To help you monitor all the smokehouse’s cooking conditions, this unit comes with a blue LED display. Unlike all the conventional LED screens which are unreadable in direct sunlight, the blue LED display can be easily read in direct sunlight.

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Masterbuilt 20070213 GEN II Product Features

  • Air damper
  • Integrated stream-lined control panel plus a blue LED display
  • Four cooking racks
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature which allows you to set the temperature from 100-275degrees Fahrenheit
  • Drip deflector plus a front access drip-pan
  • An easy to operate wood-chip loading system

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  • It is easy to use
  • It can keep the temperature steady and get the meat cooked within a very short time
  • It produces juicy & tasty meat
  • An adjustable air damper which controls the smoke level in the smoker


  • The smoker’s shelf brackets tend to fall off easily when pulled out.
  • It is slightly costly than all the analogue smoker models.

This Masterbuilt GEN II’s door mechanism has a built-in air damper which prevents the cold drafts from easily entering the cooking chamber. This smoker has four cooking racks (which give you 730 square-inches of cooking space) which can be easily slid into this unit. In total these cooking racks can accommodate over 50 pounds of meat without crowding the chamber.

This smoker comes with a unique 1,500watt heating element which can easily produce over 275 degrees Fahrenheit of controlled cooking heat. Once the ideal meat cooking temperature is attained, this GEN II shuts down its power. Inside its cooking chamber, this unit has a built-in directional-drip pan which helps channel the excess fluid being excreted while the meat is cooking and distribute it in onto a catch tray which is located on the lower front part of the GEN II.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Masterbuilt GEN II Electric Digital Smokehouse:

“It has worked as expected. Gets up to temperature reasonably quickly, maintains temperature within +/- 7 degrees, and produces a good consistent smoke with dry wood chips.”

(T. Duprey)

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