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What is an Electric Smoker and Why Do You Need One?

An electric smoker is a great way to cook large cuts of meats such as pork, chicken, or fish because they can cook thoroughly while providing a smoky taste. If you live in an apartment or a place where you’re not allowed to cook with gas, charcoal, or pellets, an electric-powered smoker will be more [...]

Why Choose A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

One of the healthiest ways of preparing food is by steaming or smoking, that’s because food is generally healthier when it is cooked without the use of any oils. Using wood for cooking is the most common way to get a wonderful smoky flavors into the food and, although its an age old cooking method, [...]

The Correct Way To Smoke Fish

Smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving fish. Long before there were refrigerators and freezers, our fishing ancestors learned to use a combination of salt and smoke to keep fish from spoiling. Today, smoking is no longer necessary, but it remains a popular method of preparation to add flavor to fish such as […]